2 lessons |  6 hours

12 Educational Hours

(Theory and Practice)


Saturday – Thursday

(available weekend courses)


The curriculum is designed for makeup professionals with good knowledge of the makeup industry. Where these professionals have particular intention to learn the art-craft of dark skin makeup. There is a set of principles and standards to create a dark skin flawless look with certain colors, brands, products, and tools.

Registration Cost:

500 AED application (non-refundable form enrolment fee).

1500 AED secure spot admission fee.

4000 AED finale tuition must be paid at least two days prior to course beginning.

TOTAL COST: 6000 AED - Excluding VAT 5% (terms and conditions apply)

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Course Includes:
  • Product presentation: how to choose the right products and how to apply them.
  • Colorimetry: understand how colors operate, harmonies, how to choose and use them.
  • Morphology: shadow and light technique to harmonize a face.
  • Natural and intense makeup.
  • Eyeliner & smokey techniques.
  • False lashes application.
  • Courses and workshops are approved and certified by KHDA ( Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai - Internationally Valid )
  • Optimum blend of “ theory & practice “ packaged in a dynamic exciting curriculum
  • Courses difficulty ranges from basic to professional depending on course purpose
  • Arabic and English are used in courses
  • Flexible courses duration :
    • Short courses : One day course like “eyebrow design or seasonal trends"
  • Every participant must be 18 years old and above
  • Maximum session participants are 6
  • Anyone with none to professional makeup knowledge can register depending on each course requirements
  • All sessions are taught by makeup experts
  • Academy will provide all products used in sessions ( except for “brushes and sponges” those can be purchased from ELI COSMETICS PROFILE STORE with 20% discount )
  • The academy will provide “face Templates” for makeup practice during sessions
  • The academy can support each graduate to create a professional portfolio when he/she request help
  • 20% off will be provided for each participant after graduation when he/she like to use the studio
  • If student misses 3 sessions we will cancel the registration
  • If the student passes the exam will get the Certificate

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