6 lessons |  2 hours

12 Educational Hours

(Theory and Practice)


Saturday – Thursday

(available weekend courses)


The curriculum is designed to guide makeup artists on how to magnify and glorify bride natural beauty on one of her most precious moments in life. Learning accurate techniques to highlight her fairness where her personality, style, skin type and tone, hair type and style, dress design , to weeding venue….etc. All these specifics must inspire her makeup. Moreover the course will cover cross-cultural bridal makeup history throughout many regions all over the world, nonetheless focusing on latest bridal makeup trends, skin care, and glamour.

Registration Cost:

500 AED application (non-refundable form enrolment fee).

3000 AED secure spot admission fee.

5000 AED finale tuition must be paid at least two days prior to course beginning.

TOTAL COST: 8500 AED - Excluding VAT 5%(terms and conditions apply)

Makeup Level Test:

Please note that you have to register for this test in order to participate in this course. If you pass the test the 500 will be subtracted from the new course cost, if you fail the test the 500 will not be refunded. The test is designed to evaluate your abilities to match the course requirements, still you can take this test if you would like to be certified as a professional makeup artist

Join a session Makeup Level Test

Course Includes:
  • Cross cultural bridal history
  • Sanitation & Hygiene
  • Skin care and skin preparation ( Very important )
  • Product knowledge ( makeup tools and products )
  • Color correction
  • 10 tenets ( foundation application )
  • Brow balancing
  • Highlight & contour
  • Eye techniques
  • Blush correct position
  • Lips makeup techniques
  • Bridal smokey eyes ( different types )
  • Warm and cool colours techniques
  • Soft bridal makeup
  • Bold bridal makeup
  • Dark skin bridal makeup
  • European style makeup
  • Asian bridal makeup
  • Arabic bridal makeup
  • Tips and tricks
  • Business development as bridal makeup artist
  • Courses and workshops are approved and certified by KHDA ( Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai - Internationally Valid )
  • Optimum blend of “ theory & practice “ packaged in a dynamic exciting curriculum
  • Courses difficulty ranges from basic to professional depending on course purpose
  • Arabic and English are used in courses
  • Flexible courses duration :
    • Short courses : One day course like “eyebrow design or seasonal trends"
  • Every participant must be 18 years old and above
  • Maximum session participants are 6
  • Anyone with none to professional makeup knowledge can register depending on each course requirements
  • All sessions are taught by makeup experts
  • Academy will provide all products used in sessions ( except for “brushes and sponges” those can be purchased from ELI COSMETICS PROFILE STORE with 20% discount )
  • The academy will provide “face Templates” for makeup practice during sessions
  • The academy can support each graduate to create a professional portfolio when he/she request help
  • 20% off will be provided for each participant after graduation when he/she like to use the studio
  • If student misses 3 sessions we will cancel the registration
  • If the student passes the exam will get the Certificate

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