, Self Makeup Course
, Self Makeup Course



3 lessons |  2 hours

6 Educational Hours

(Theory and Practice)


Saturday-Thursday : 02.00pm to 04.00pm

(available weekend courses)


The curriculum is designed for ladies with desire to learn all about beauty and makeup : basics, styles, and secrets. learning different makeup looks per occasion, moreover being aware of what match every skin tone and type from foundation, concealer, textures, creams, tools, brushes, colors, and brands in order to empower and celebrate woman beauty to radiate naturally.

Registration Cost:

500 AED application (non-refundable form enrolment fee).

1000 AED secure spot admission deposit.

2000 AED finale tuition must be paid at least two days prior to course beginning.

TOTAL COST: 3500 AED (terms and conditions apply)

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Mentor Profile:

Ms. Elham, founder of ELI COSMETICS, with more than 17 years experience in the beauty industry, has a strong desire to share her knowledge with young and next generation makeup artists.


Course Include:
  • Skin texture, analysis, and skin care
  • Color matching
  • Makeup products, tools, build makeup kit, and brush set
  • contouring, highlights, color correction, and foundation application
  • Coloring and correcting various eyebrow shapes
  • Multiple forehead shapes correction
  • Highlight, contour, and makeup of different eye shapes
  • Eye shadow blending techniques
  • False eye lashes application: individual lashes, natural, winged, doll
  • Mascara application techniques
  • Nose correction contouring per face shape
  • Chin and cheeks shaping and correction
  • Face lifting makeup and inspiring young looks for aged faces
  • Cocktail, nude, day, and retro makeup ( with hair style )
  • Courses and workshops are approved and certified by KHDA ( Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai - Internationally Valid )
  • Optimum blend of “ theory & practice “ packaged in a dynamic exciting curriculum
  • Courses difficulty ranges from basic to professional depending on course purpose
  • Arabic and English are used in courses
  • Flexible courses duration :
    • Short courses : One day course like “eyebrow design or seasonal trends"
    • Lengthy courses : Full 6 weeks course like "top fashion or special effects “
  • Every participant must be 18 years old and above
  • Maximum session participants are 6
  • Anyone with none to professional makeup knowledge can register depending on each course requirements
  • All sessions are taught by makeup experts
  • Academy will supervise all models during sessions
  • Academy will provide all products used in sessions ( except for “brushes and sponges” those can be purchased from ELI COSMETICS PROFILE STORE with 20% discount )
  • The academy will provide “face Templates” for makeup practice during sessions
  • The academy can support each graduate to create a professional portfolio when he/she request help
  • 20% off will be provided for each participant after graduation when he/she like to use the studio

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, Self Makeup Course, Self Makeup Course, Self Makeup Course, Self Makeup Course