, Bespoke branding services
, Bespoke branding services


Customised campaigns, photoshoots, and videography of seasonal beauty trends, or luxury brands in the studio

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  • Ms.Elham has a prosperous record of collaborations with prominent brands such as : Dior, Guerlian, YSL, Tom Ford….etc, Moreover she has a well established studio to meet professional production requirements.
  • So creating a campaign for a new seasonal product could include :
    • editorial beauty shoot for new products launch.
    • makeup practical workshops featuring new products.
    • pop-up display cum sale where walk-in customers could experiment yet purchase products.

I had the privilege to collaborate on many successful campaignes with various reputable international brands, agencies,artists and magazines..

, Bespoke branding services

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, Bespoke branding services, Bespoke branding services, Bespoke branding services, Bespoke branding services