• Eli Cosmetics Academy organised and hosted “PRO-MAKEUP MASTER CLASS” two days session in a mixture of theory and practice where Mr.Bassam created 4 different bridal and makeup looks. He explained carefully and in details about the theory behind his styles , reason for his product choices, and makeup techniques in order to realise his finale makeup visions.
  • The event opened up with welcoming attendants and participants with white roses as a sign of beauty, glamour, and celebration. Full intensive interactive sessions guided by Ms.Elham where she and Mr.Bassam answered and welcomed questions and enquires. The event was divided in to two sections to allow some interval tea breaks in order to grant ladies some free time to enjoy socialising yet to inspect Mr.Bassam products displayed for purchase and for experiment . The event was organised to guide ladies, bloggers, and makeup artists to latest makeup techniques and trends, yet to eliminate any wrong conceptions and usage of makeup. Moreover ELI academy was privileged by Al Reem Saif Al Ali, and Mariyam Sayed Al Hashimi attendance during the event.All participants were entitled (KHDA) approved certificates signed by Mr.Bassam at the end. Nonetheless, a photo included participants, Ms.Elham and Mr.Bassam was taken to close the event.
  • Sponsored by : MakeupForever, Clarins, Urban Decay, Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics, and Eli Cosmetics….etc.
  • Three days debut event sponsored by ELI COSMETICS yet hosted by Dubai Design District ( D 3 ) featured some of the most inspirational and powerful women in MENA beauty industry like celebrity hairstylist “Jen Atkin”, skincare expert “Nurse Jamie Sherrill”, renowned founders “Huda and Mona Kattan” of Huda Beauty, influencer “Fajer Fahad”, model and Instagram influencer “Camila Coelho”, beauty vlogging sensations and entrepreneurs “Desi Perkins” and “Marianna Hewitt” also the amazing Dubai-based influencer “Dana Hourani”.
  • Activities revolved around : hair and makeup master classes, meet & greet celebrities, retail special experiences, socialising, new business opportunities, On the other hand panel talks concentrated on business women in the digital age balancing personal, work and Instagram life. Disscussions also inculded success stories and beauty tips, still the audience interacted vibrantly through many questions.
  • Renowned Beauty influencer Huda Kattan expressed her opinion eloquently on the challenges of being a woman in business within the region.“When I first started the business I felt a lot of frustration,” Kattan said. “Being a woman in this region was challenging. People were treating us like our brand was just hobby. One of my favourite pieces of advice I’ve been given is just to be patient. There’s an Arabic phrase that means ‘with every delay there is a blessing’ – words to live by!”
  • Looking forward to host and sponsor more BEAUTY inspirational events…..

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